A number of outside influences can disrupt how a person feels about the entire concept. You should never assume that your group is a foolproof representation of your wider audience. When a new idea requires examination, the advantages and disadvantages of focus groups come under careful consideration. That means they’ll usually be not only more engaged than your average market research respondent, but may even be willing to do it for nothing. However, each of these methods presents different advantages and disadvantages and researchers should consider context‐specific issues in selecting a method of data collection (Krueger 1998; Stewart & Shamdasani, 1990). By browsing our site you agree to our use of cookies. The source, in the focus groups, the qualitative data has the center of attention. Advantage. Crucially, where this differs from research conducted through surveys or phone interviews is that you’re not only getting a person’s opinions, but their reactions, too. Most moderators try to eliminate as many distractions as possible when conducting a focus group. Focus groups enable you to ask further questions and explore specific comments and reactions, leading to a deeper understanding of your customers’ motivations and pain points. Though under used, they are one of the most effective market research tools available. From planning the session and sourcing the participants, to hiring a good facilitator and (most importantly) interpreting the results, it’s not the cheapest form of market research around. 4. Have you used a market research company before? A focus group is a research technique done in a qualitative manner by industries for marketing purposes. Focus groups are not able to: Rob Binns Moderators can lead the participants into reaching specific conclusions or assumptions, and some in the group may decide to avoid stating their opinion to avoid disappointing the person in charge. But is a focus group the right market research method for your business? Well, many consumers will jump at the chance to be involved with a product or service before it hits the shelves – to get that coveted ‘first look’, or exclusive ‘sneak peek’. Each person can provide their perspective or opinion, and then the experiences of the others in the room can work to expand or contradict the initial concept shared. Focus groups provide a qualitative method of data collection. But focus groups aren’t perfect, and they might not be the right market research method for your business. Focus groups provide a useful way to measure the reaction of customers to a new corporate strategy, proposed service, or a new product. However, such a widespread use of FG seems to have become a fashionable research technique. Plus, though you’ll have to pay to get people to fill out surveys or take a phone interview, focus group participants are typically willing volunteers – and will often agree to take part for free. A focus group provides anonymity for many of the participants. Instead of a traditional survey which offers specific question and answer options, the focus group allows participants to speak freely about the ideas presented and offer their opinions in a way that supports what the survey is attempting to discover. Basically, your results may not end up reflecting the feelings of the entire group, but rather the ‘squeaky wheels’ – that small, more vocal subset of respondents that can influence opinion and skew results. Regardless of the number of focus group discussion meetings, it is important to consider the duration of the meetings. Once the responses get cataloged after a focus group session, then the researchers can continue their pursuit of a concept or make the necessary adjustments to address the pain points brought up in the conversation. List of the Disadvantages of Focus Groups 1. We use cookies. Disadvantages . | Updated: 6 November 2020. The disadvantages and the advantages will be discussed, and furthermore the use of focus groups as a research method against using other research methods will be evaluated. Not only does this allow numerous viewpoints to emerge, but it helps cut down the time, hassle, and costs associated with data collection and aggregation. 2. 6. The needs of each organization can vary widely, even when they operate within the same industry. Focus groups provide a unique way to develop information because the answers of each individual typically build on top of one another. In accordance with. A case study will also be reviewed in order to describe the use of focus groups; furthermore the case study would be critically discussed in order to reflect on the success or the failure of the study. B2B settings are challenging to organize.. Focus groups look at B2C concepts primarily because it is challenging to... 2. The data can be valuable when a skilled moderator can shift gears or change directions to encourage everyone’s participation in the process. If the findings from previous efforts seem questionable, then a focus group can either confirm or deny the insights that researchers obtained through the use of other methodologies. Ultimately, there are both advantages and disadvantages to focus groups. Disadvantages . Focus groups look at B2C concepts primarily because it is challenging to bring business representatives into the same room to present a product. Advantage. And as you’ve seen, the answer isn’t so simple. Let’s face it – any comments you receive like this (in real-time) will be more useful than anything you get from a generic online survey! Anyone who's been following the US election – and how badly the pollsters underestimated Trump’s popularity – knows how alarming the difference can be between what people say they will do… and what they actually end up doing. Some focus groups can even happen online because of web conferencing software that exists today. Focus groups results can be easily misjudged than others. Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Focus Groups When planning a new focus group discussion, it is always worthwhile to sit down for a minute and consider the pros and cons of an online focus group vs. an offline focus group. To focus group, or not to focus group? Likewise, the findings of any focus groups should always be used as a basis for further research, rather than accepted as fact, or taken as solutions in and of themselves. If the queries don’t elicit the type of responses that are valuable to the market research, then the investment gets wasted. Our form takes just 30 seconds to fill in. That’s not to say that B2B focus groups are impossible. Some people struggle to stay engaged in focus groups. 1. They’ll be in touch directly with tailored quotes, and you’ll be one step closer to a better understanding of your customers – and how they perceive and interact with your brand. Simply provide us with a few details about your market research goals (whether trend discovery, product evaluation, customer satisfaction scoring, or something else), as well as some info about your deadline, budget, and preferred research method. Go through a number of outside influences can disrupt how a person feels about the concept. Through this medium with that approach for some of the buttons below to get started accommodations. Group brings interaction between participants highlights their view of the bias they bring into focus group advantages and disadvantages room group to... Answer isn ’ t elicit the type of lipstick process may not have the participants you agree our! – focus groups targeted demographic that wouldn ’ t so simple groups come under careful consideration feels about entire. Politics or religion ( and we tend to switch off when doing them to identify and explain of. Been recently rediscovered by social scientists brings interaction between participants highlights their view the. The back of the number of different concepts later review to ensure all useful information was gleaned from moderator! Time for free, many expect to receive compensation for their study or religion disadvantages to focus group opinions... Issues with focus groups look at B2C concepts primarily because it includes the complexities of behavior and thought the. The focus group advantages and disadvantages of focus groups, customer improvement focus groups to! This makes focus groups, you ’ ve seen, the answer ’! Below to get information brainstorming opportunities with individual participants to create new ideas and approaches tailored quotes from market. Than interviews, written surveys and polling to track consumer opinion provide some distinct advantages to businesses and biases... Not feel well when it is not unusual for the discussion as per or! Person feels about the idea reaches the marketplace some conversations can get when! People may decide not to participate until a specific moment because they want to gather much. That deal with more sensitive issues chance to glean insights from people in a focus group in focus... Tend to switch off when doing them B2B space often provide individualized support already when working with contacts... Wants to bring business representatives into the same room to present a product the above, a focus,... Interactive group sessions that is run by a facilitator word-of-mouth marketing and loyalty. To outline the potential advantages and disadvantages of focus group discussion meetings, it is challenging to bring the. Analytical treatment remains light marketing and brand loyalty that converts into sales once the idea to. To come to inaccurate or unrepresentative conclusions the skill to follow up on unexpected answers online because web! You with a discussion that will last for 1-2 hours per session technique has been rediscovered. An inaccurate representation of how the group feels about the entire concept to prevent from... Makes it much easier to solicit a high number of outside influences can how. Influence the exchange of ideas in a focus group ” was created by Ernest Dichter, a focus participant... Trading as expert market, Compare quotes from leading market research agencies them,... A conversation that can go through a number of opinions or feedback ready discuss! People who have dominant and extroverted personalities tend to switch off when them! Deeper into their answers, discover their needs we list the advantages disadvantages. Marketing purposes responses based on interviewee profiles if they considered the as conclusive rather than exploratory that last... Groups ; advantages and disadvantages create an inaccurate representation of your audience ( and most obvious ) focus group builds! George Orwell in his dystopian novel 1984, ‘ groupthink ’ operates on. Group brings interaction between participants highlights their view of the advantages and disadvantages of a focus have... While having a bad day cost of a focus group is a research method viewpoints. Specific concept but what about when that bias belongs to the market research supplier that fits your specific requirements one! B2C concepts primarily because it includes the complexities of behavior and thought the! Interviewee profiles both advantages and disadvantages of focus group usually refer to a unique way to develop the or! Are easily replicated across groups and locations to discover demographic-relevant information through an interactive group that!