Add to wishlist New Amsterdam 100 Proof Vodka Grain Vodka 200ml Bottle. At the Barrel Tap, we’ve spent the last 40 years supplying liquor to our local community in San Diego. A playful, overproof twist on the signature Batch recipe; with less spice, increased juniper and citrus, and the addition of botanicals such as lemon balm and apricot kernel. Elevate the Gin Martini cocktail with New Amsterdam Gin. As one of the best gins available, it's a modern take on the 400-year tradition. Enjoy the unparalleled smoothness of Stratusphere The Original in a classic Gin & Tonic, or elevate with our premium cocktails. The first of the collection, New Amsterdam® Stratusphere The Original is a citrus-forward gin with a crisp, clean taste. Using a 100% pure grain spirit, this gin is made in the "New Western" or "American-style" which is to say that juniper is not the focus here. sales tax. I walked through the gin section and saw New Amsterdam Gin (the word “Stratusphere” is in the title on the label but there is no explanation anywhere I can find that states if there is a difference between this and their regular gin, or if this is just their new look/brand) on sale for $12.99. Stratusphere Gin; ½ oz. We’re known to have every bottle you could need and more. New Amsterdam Gin is crafted with botanicals, citrus, and a nod to juniper. Enjoy the unparalleled smoothness of Stratusphere The Original in a classic Gin & Tonic, or elevate with our premium cocktails. Tonic 2 Brandied Cherries Add brandied cherry into a double old fashioned rocks glass and lightly smash. She’s definitely got a very bright future ahead of her and is one to watch out! Working with loyal customers who let us know what’s good now and what to get for the future. Harley March 10, 2010. Be the first to know about our special offers, what's exciting this season and be in with a chance to win fantastic giveaways. If you want to buy Gin New Amsterdam 1L, at Drinks&Co you will find the best prices for Gins New Amsterdam. Also, we have Harrogate Gin with their wonderful Otter character heading the front of their bottle. Ripley Castle Estate, Harrogate. If you want to experiment with drinks or need a reliable gin for your well, then New Amsterdam may be the gin for you. As one of the best gins available, it’s a modern take on the 400-year tradition. With pink grapefruit characteristics blended with a hint of Yorkshire lavender, serve with a light tonic, some pink peppercorns and a wedge of pink grapefruit. New Amsterdam Stratusphere Gin 40% (US) $15.00. Our Story Our Gins Cocktails Where To Buy; Gin Martini Recipe: 3 oz. Each bottle is accompanied by a tasting guide with suggested serves. Tanqueray London Dry Gin. 85 • Prophecy 2017 Rosé, France 12% (France) $14.00. Company email (December 2018) re New Amsterdam Gin: "We do not use any animal, dairy or egg products in the production of New Amsterdam Gin®. This is a citrusy gin. The first of the collection, New Amsterdam Stratusphere The Original is a citrus-forward gin with a crisp, clean taste. Standard delivery 1 week No shipping available No minimum order. For those who prefer a sweet cast to their gins, this one is a winner. Strain into a chilled martini … Premium Harrogate Gin was created by married couple Steve and Sally in Harrogate. New Amsterdam ® Our Story. A London Dry typically involves a slightly different process, and a higher proof. Batch Industrial Gin 55% Abv, 70cl £38, all stores Rafi's Spicebox Launch at Booths Knutsford, Rafi's Spicebox Launch at Booths Burscough, Tour de Kendal - Booths Kendal Raise Over £500 for South Lakeland MIND, Sustainability & The Environment at Booths, Privacy & Cookies Policy (Customer Promise), Social Media Competition Terms and Conditions. Enjoy the unparalleled smoothness of Stratusphere The Original in a classic Gin & Tonic, or elevate with our premium cocktails. Batch Distillery, Burnley, Lancashire. All of this while she was studying for her art and design practicals at school. 1 from New Deal Distillery; nginious! Thanks to its somewhat of a “soft launch,” there seems to be a fair amount of confusion already regarding Stratusphere Gin. Now the essence of the city has been captured into this classic spirit. We go all in to craft a supremely smooth vodka — and we’ve got the stats to back it up. New Amsterdam gin (40%, 750 ml, $10.49-$13.99) New Amsterdam gin prices are at the lower end of the price spectrum, but as mentioned in the introduction, the spirit separates itself from other gins with its “New Western” approach to alcohol blending. LARGE SELECTION OF FINE SPIRITS SHIPPED RIGHT TO YOUR DOOR, Subscribe to The Barrel Tap family to be the first to see our latest and greatest arrival of spirits. So sit back, relax, and take some time to browse our collection so you can enjoy your favorite drink without having to go out and look for it. It has also become the first European distillery to join international environmental initiative 1% for the Planet, through which it pledges to donate 1% of annual sales of its Dry Gin to charity. They taste like artificial citrus essences being added after distillation. New Amsterdam Gin is crafted with botanicals, citrus, and a nod to juniper. If you continue without clicking Continue, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive cookies. Our spirits buyer Pete has been hard at work sourcing a new range of local gins for the summer, and has introduced a very exciting selection of four, available in selected stores now. Go to shop More offers from this seller (+2) Less offers from this seller (-2) Total Wine & More, S. Las Vegas Blvd. This is a few dollars cheaper than normal. New Amsterdam gin is a "modern approach" to the classic gin recipe. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. New Amsterdam® Stratusphere Gin was born from a passion to elevate gin to new heights. Hand distilled using honey from the distillery’s beehives, beautiful lemongrass and a touch of locally grown lavender, the gin has incredible savoury lemongrass flavours, a silky mouthfeel and delicate floral notes. We got you covered. Why is everyone make such a fuss about it. New Amsterdam Gin, Modesto, California, United States $ 239.88 $ 11.42 / 1000ml. It … To serve, fill a Copa glass with ice, swirl to cool the glass and drain any excess water. Serve with lots of ice, your favourite tonic or rose lemonade, fresh raspberries, lemon peel and a sprig of thyme. You might have noticed our beautiful Otter (also known as Donnie) and wondered what he’s all about. New Amsterdam is a vodka and gin brand conjured up by E&J Gallo, a mega-umbrella winery and distributor based out of Modesto, Calif. Gallo … We have more than 59.000 products for sale in our catalog becoming this way the leading marketplace to sell wine, beer, and spirits in Europe with a community of more than 38.000 customers who enjoy Drinks&Co. It has the traditional juniper notes (but light!) New Amsterdam Gin is a smooth, easy-going spirit and works nicely in fruit forward cocktails, but it doesn’t fare so well in a martini or other classic drinks. Located in the heart of Yorkshire, Cooper King Distillery is England’s only self-built whisky and gin distillery, and one of only a handful in the country to run on 100% green energy. Buy it right now at Drinks&Co, quick and 100% safe via any device. Discover the process behind our award-winning original vodka. The current Gin trend has captured the imagination of our customers but it’s vital we keep our ranges fresh and vibrant. Before New York was New York it was New Amsterdam. On the other hand, if you’re like me and you sip a real Martini or a Gin & Tonic before dinner nearly every night, the price tag & taste of New Amsterdam are good things, indeed. You also agree to receive marketing emails from Booths, you may opt-out at any time. The gin benefits from fragrant Italian juniper and sharp Spanish lemon, whilst almonds and vanilla give a creamy, nutty and sweet taste. Company email (September 2018) re Apothic wines [same as the June 2018 response] Company email (August 2018) re New Amsterdam … Next Level Smooth. There’s a … New Amsterdam Gin is practical, approachable, mixable, and flexible. Such third party cookies may track your use of this website. From the botanicals we select to our unique distillation process, we bring a modern spin on the 400-year-old practice of distilling gin. Plus, at only about $14 a bottle, it’s a great bargain. Cuckoo Sunshine Gin, 70cl £36, all stores Brindle Farm, Lancashire “Hello, Sunshine,” that unmistakably endearing Lancashire term used to greet a loved one is what helped inspire Cuckoo’s third gin. New Amsterdam Stratusphere Gin, London Dry Gin from E. & J. Gallo Winery; New Deal 33 Portland Dry Gin from New Deal Distillery; New Deal Gin No. New Amsterdam Stratusphere Gin is a new release from E. & J. Gallo Winery, makers of New Amsterdam Gin. Garnish with lemon peel or olives. Mila certainly brought Donnie to life and we are all amazed at her talent and creativity. Concluding, New Amsterdam Gin isn’t a below-average gin because of its citrus flavor. He started as a felt-tip doodle on which she rendered in his fine detail. I like Bluecoat Gin and Leopold’s Gin…these are small batch gins made in America. It is a mass-produced gin, and it is not that great. Stratusphere Gin 3 oz. New Amsterdam Gin ABV: 40% Eric's Rating: Daniel's Rating: Josh's Rating: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: It’s a lot more complex than New Amsterdam, and delivers good spices and just an edge of juniper. The botanicals for Harrogate Gin are sourced locally from Harlow Carr, the Royal Horticultural Society’s garden in Harrogate and the water source is of course, Harrogate Spring Water. She was tasked with creating a playful and characterful otter, like the ones found in the rivers around Harrogate. At Booths, we like to source products from near and far and our Spirits range reflects this, whether it be whisky from Japan and Thailand or Gins made on our doorstep. beverages may increase cancer risk, and, during pregnancy, can cause birth defects. With sweet lemon notes on the nose, and on the palate powerful juniper gives way to a citrus burst with a smooth, lingering citrus finish. For more information go to Gallo Dry Vermouth ; Lemon Peel; Instructions: Add ingredients into an ice-filled mixing glass and stir together to combine/chill. It quickly turned heads because it was one of the cleanest vodkas available in … Batch Industrial Strength Gin is a playful twist on a Navy gin and a nod to the industrial heritage of Burnley. It is designed to have a smooth drinking profile. The Booths Blog & Latest News › NEW Local Gins In Store Now, 0800 221 8086 I am always looking out for something new that normally can’t be found in many other retailers, such as Cooper King from York, who have only just begun producing their spirits. Recipe: 2-1-2 MARTINI - 2 parts New Amsterdam Gin 1 part dry vermouth 2 dashes orange bitters - Stir or shake with ice and strain into a martini glass or on the rocks. Leading with a pronounced nose of lemon, candied orange, and herbaceous juniper. It is not the same product as the original. Add to wishlist New Amsterdam 100 Proof Vodka Grain Vodka 375ml Bottle. He’s our Mascot, named after our youngest child – we love everything about otters here at Harrogate Tipple, especially that they’re playful and only swim in the very best and cleanest of waters …. The smooth finish lets you drink this flavorful gin straight or as the centrepiece of a perfect martini. New Amsterdam has decided to label both of their gins under the moniker ‘Stratusphere’ with a version that is called ‘The Original’ and this ‘London Dry Gin’. Producer : Before New York was New York, it was New Amsterdam. Cooper King Distillery, York. 1 ½ oz. USA: (NV) Las Vegas . In 2020, we decided to take our service to the next level and deliver so our customers could get their liquor from the safety of their own homes. A burst of raspberries attack the nose and leave a delicate fruity finish, backed up by some stunning botanicals used in the distillation process on the farm. This includes cookies from Google and third party social media websites. WARNING: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, coolers, wine and other alcoholic 94 • Pieropan 2016 Soave Classico 12% (Italy) $20.99. To serve, we recommend you first try neat or with an ice cube, before moving on to explore with mixers. Brindle Farm, Lancashire. Learn how to make the Gin Martini recipe with New Amsterdam Stratusphere Gin. A versatile classic, New Amsterdam Gin can be enjoyed any way you like. Working alongside the Bee Centre in Samlesbury, Lancashire, Cuckoo Sunshine Gin is infused with natural honey produced on the farm by Lancashire honeybees. The gins that New Amsterdam Gin most closely reminds me of are Asian gins such as Myanmar Dry Gin. Five times distilled and triple filtered, New Amsterdam is a premium 100% grain imported vodka. Our premium process makes our vodka as iconic as the cityscape on the bottle. Swiss Blended Gin from Ulrich Consulting; nginious! She loved the opportunity of experiencing what it was like to be an illustrator and researched different species of otter for inspiration to perfect the image of Donnie in her head, before she took to paper. Based on numerous reviews and the … She was able to build up his character ensuring his original charm shone out on paper. Booths customers love to see something interesting and original, especially if it links back to being local. Summer 2015 Gin from Ulrich Consulting; nginious! The first of the collection, New Amsterdam Stratusphere The Original is a citrus-forward gin with a crisp, clean taste. mingled with citrus. 1.75ltr . Serve with a couple of dried apricots and fresh sage leaf. Cooper King Dry Gin 70cl £39, Ilkley, Settle and Ripon stores only New Amsterdam is a Modesto, California producer that launched its gin in 2007 and vodka in 2011. Booths are one of the first retailers to stock their gin. Harrogate Gin 50cl £35, all stores Since 1980, we’ve grown and so has our collection to make sure you get what you need. level 1 … Other top rated products Dolph Ramey August 16, 2017. Using honey instead of sugar creates a smooth and sweet gin. This commitment to reaching new heights is reflected in our sky-high score. The exception to this statement is products containing cream which are using dairy cream which comes from cows." Reply. Moreso than citrus-forward distilled gins such as Larios 12, Bluecoat, Pi… There is a beautiful gin inside this distinct green bottle with its red wax … New Amsterdam Gin is made by E & J Gallo Winery in Modesto, California and was first released in June 2008. New Amsterdam Gin is owned by a wine company conglomerate called Gallo. Amazingly, he was had drawn by a very talented young lady called Mila, who lives in South Africa – believe it or not she was 15 when she drew him. Or alternatively, perhaps they are real, but New Amsterdam adds too much sugar post-distillation. ex. “Hello, Sunshine,” that unmistakably endearing Lancashire term used to greet a loved one is what helped inspire Cuckoo’s third gin. Tanq 10 is a citrusy gin that lacks the juniper punch the original is so well known for. Burnett's London Dry Gin. Vermouth Cask Gin from Ulrich Consulting; Nikka … 1.75ltr New Amsterdam Stratusphere London Dry Gin, California, United States $ … Check out the New Amsterdam website to start your night with great drink recipes #ItsYourTown Burnett's London Dry is a sweeter gin with lighter, airier herbal notes. Not Bombay, Mumbai, Mumbai, Mumbai!!!!! The smooth finish lets you drink this flavorful gin straight or as the centerpiece of a perfect martini. Cuckoo Sunshine Gin, 70cl £36, all stores We hope you enjoy the new additions! 90 • Prophecy 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough 12.5% (New Zealand) $14.00. New Amsterdam Gin Dry Gin 375ml Bottle. Smoked & Salted Gin from Ulrich Consulting; nginious! We also work with existing suppliers to support and help bring to market any additions to their existing range, such as Cuckoo Sunshine, the new kid on the block from Brindle Farm which complements their very popular Cuckoo Gin. The guys in Modesto, CA didn’t skimp on floral aromatics nor on juniper, but they all take a backseat to citrus. Portland Dry Gin 33 ($32) The juniper is strong in all of the gins on this list, but Portland Dry Gin 33 takes things to a whole other level. Login / Register. Add a shot of gin and top up with tonic. It’s a below average gin because the citrus notes in it don’t taste real or authentic. By signing up you agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. The gin was a nice budget-friendly option on the market, but the brand really took off with New Amsterdam Vodka. Masterfully distilled with an expert blend of botanicals, New Amsterdam® Stratusphere Gin delivers a crisp, clean taste and exceptional smoothness that soars beyond expectations.