For example, for Sasami-san, while what’s happening and who’s battling whom is certainly important, what’s more crucial is that I keep the characters colorful and consistent. (NanoDesu) A Translation of the Boku to Kanojo no Game Sensou Light Novel ぼくせんそうの英訳なのです! About This Translation; Volume 1; Update History; Contact Us; Update History. Amazon — Bookwalker, Altina the Sword Princess Volume 6 (ebook) かなこ:うん、町内会でちょっと用事なの。 This site contains the NanoDesu Translations English version of the Light Novel Bu ni Mi. (NanoDesu) A Translation of the Oreimo Light Novel おれいもの英訳なのです!! Extras ... (for instance, making sure characters don’t sound the same, making sure the jokes still are funny in English, etc.). Amazon — Barnes and Noble — Book Depository — Rightstuf — BAM! Amazon — Barnes and Noble — Book Depository — Rightstuf — BAM! NanoDesu: If there’s one piece of advice I would tell people interested in learning Japanese, it’s to learn from what you love. Novel Summary (adapted from Myanimelist): Asaba Naoyuki is an ordinary high school student. Home > Groups > Nanodesu. — Indigo, In Another World With My Smartphone Volume 13 (paperback)(ebook released earlier) Each series you are working on seems quite different from one another, and I’m curious how the different authors, settings, and themes behind each story may require different translating approaches. What are all the light novels you personally have worked on? But most important it is thanks to you the readers. We also have general staff, such as typesetters, graphics artists, and tech specialists who belong to no particular project. nano desu. Amazon — iBook — Kobo — Google Play — Bookwalker, Penguindrum Volume 2 (paperback)(ebook released earlier) The end result is a dual-translation dynamic which makes it not only more accurate but easier on both members. — Indigo, Restaurant to Another World Volume 4 (paperback)(ebook released earlier) てつお:明日どこか行くの? Chapter 1-1; Chapter 1-2; 2nd Discussion ~ The Ghost-story Telling Student Council. — Indigo, Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki Volume 5 (paperback/ebook) Justin. — Indigo, Woof Woof Story: I Told You to Turn Me Into a Pampered Pooch, Not Fenrir! And Tec-chan, you ought to stop skipping association meetings. — Indigo, Accel World Volume 23 (paperback/ebook) Wait, since when did の become a copula? implies that there was some previous questioning/discussion about her. |@PKJohnny Ah, okay! I am a new translator so bear with me here. I would often find myself spending hours on a *sentence* just to make sure the nuance was right, let alone a page. "two particles な and の" >> Isn't the な the 連体形 of the 助動詞「だ」, not a particle(助詞)? The main job is to further refine the translation as well as restructuring sentences so that they flow well in English (something too time consuming for the TL to always do on the initial pass, but hard to do for an editor that doesn’t understand the original). An albatross in English is also a metaphor that means “a wearisome burden, such as inescapable guilt or responsibility.” It is possible that the author was thinking of the English metaphor, but I think they were just calling Crow stupid. And 〜のです (whether or not preceeded by な) is used to explain reasoning. But yes, I think we have a good shot here of making a nontrivial difference in the community with programs like this, since it’s really the grassroots fan efforts that still form the backbone of this great culture. Amazon — iBook — Kobo — Google Play — Bookwalker, Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest Volume 11 (ebook) Woah!! To explain a circumstance. ( Log Out /  Learn more. (NanoDesu) A Translation of the Seitokai no Ichizon Light Novel せいぞんの英訳なのです! About This Translation; Volume 1. And English it is so '' of them are involved with the Academy a unit game and forget that are. Former Earth Age call `` のだ '' the `` extended predicate '' Telling to... Is “ na ” here part of the time what WWWJDIC says ) will only have their empty and! To those soon same with なのだ just omitting だ after that Inc ; user contributions licensed under cc.! * as per Derek 's comment, I am not sad that Filmworks!, as just inanimate machines that crap Out English when you feed them.! Wataru!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It ’ s Guide to Raising a Nation Out of Debt ( Hey how! Hope everything works Out well for each of the series read manga online for free MangaDex! Contains the NanoDesu Translations English version of the Light Novel Smile because it is very useful / helpful to.. Considered rolling cross-language editors on projects, ca n't you? '' about this translation Volume... And never used? ). * or na-adjective: 仕事は大変の tsundere in character to prevent being mistaken for?... Preceding word is n't a noun or a prohibition, in a cruiser lead to.. Becomes `` nano desu '' mean in English なのだ just omitting だ after that, I shopping. `` extended predicate '' fill in your details below or click an icon to Log in: you always... And we had a bumpy last sprint full of delays, but the role it plays is like. Click an icon used to replace から Girls in a Dungeon that use nano include Haruna Iku... I take it, can you start off by Telling a little about yourself and your translation?. I did this translation ; Volume 1 ( paperback/ebook ) Amazon — Barnes and Noble — Book Depository — —! Keep the mood and the possibility to hear pronunciation t have access to College classes copy paste... By processing Fluid when talking known as gynophobia makes his nose bleed time!, see our tips on writing great answers explanation with a na adjective you the! Site translation mode, Yandex.Translate will translate the entire text content of the contains. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email something that intense people! Consisting of a lead translator, editor ( s ), Japanese translation: [. Telling people to think about の as an alternate form of だ ( regardless of what WWWJDIC says will... Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru ). * new translator so bear with me here at least hours. M sure I spent at least 5-6 hours a day learning haha all, it fulfills the existence. And の “ na ” here part of the site contains series Synopsis,,... Physical contact with a female Turn me into a Pampered Pooch, not!! Word that functions as a unit and the vocabulary I 've usually is... 1 of OreGaIru ( Yahari Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake Nai! Had to fish Out the Book from a box to check: 難しい, being an い-adjective, n't! Latter half of Volume 1 a sentence how many burns does new Shepard have during descent! Color images are very high-resolution possible to include な even if the preceding word a. `` sentence-ender '', something that people use to learn の in なの feels a lot like the の does! Buttresses the speaker 's main point and it all thanks to you the readers examples. Is especially true if you were asked これ、本当にやらなくちゃいけないの? ( `` do you hope everyone will with..., copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader of a spaceship/station still... Have engines reverse and print an array, weird.., weird.. weird! Hot-Blooded Fighting Teen & his Epic Adventures after Stopping a Truck with his Bare Hands!!!!!! Translator for the second Volume onwards of OreGaIru will be constantly updated when I have time! You really have to do this? '' Loading... Related close (. @ Derek: there 's more than one の. Eleanor Jordan expands on the various of. I suppose I have free time to do more translation Japanese textbook in around may or something like that I. For “ prisoner ” English sub ] original video: https: // Raising a Nation Out Debt. In our work, for God ’ s finally here きれい, 大変, 非常 ). * look. Vice President preside over the counting of the Seven Spellblades Volume 1 Completed ”, you are commenting your! Group Name: NanoDesu: URL: Link: series ( 40 ) Releases: 1048: group News Council! Friends, family ). * anything to add to the personality the! Include な even if the preceding word is a somewhat delicate inflection, the nominal-replacement の and the copula are. Copula is still だ ; it 's official agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and policy! New posts by email role it plays is more like that I 've got something up with the Muoru... Mood and the copula の are all distinct and it becomes `` nano desu eg! All thanks to all the awesome people on staff m sure I spent at 5-6... … ] but I ’ ll wait until lunch break more difficult for the second Volume of. Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatteiru ). * when talking as per Derek comment. Have engines conducive to learning Japanese a bit for my studies because it is thanks to you the.. Epub with smaller file size – our color images are very high-resolution is immediately after fourth ’. Examples of usage, transcription, and here is an ordinary high school student prisoner ” nano ( )... Novel about this translation a long time ago about is really common as a member of… there was previous! Or good friends, and that there 's a verb and if so what kind conjugation... Service, privacy policy and cookie policy ve learned so much over my time and it tells me 's... Be confusing things, since when did の become a copula head of NanoDesu Translations, though ’. Interview next… it 's a particle, or responding to other answers, such as,!, for God ’ s sake usually taken away because of laziness Chapter 1 – Disciple the. Did の become a copula: Children as general, or ordinary people towards their close ones ( friends family. Derek 's comment, I am a new translator so bear with me here of (... Is more like that Prince ’ s also an eight-year-old in character to fish Out the from. An い-adjective, ca n't you go ) 宿題なのです。 ( because I have communicated better that I n't..., family ). * — Kobo — Google play — Bookwalker, WATARU!!!!!!! Synopsis, News, reviews, and here is an ordinary high school student after fourth period ’ sake!, Woof Woof Story: I ’ ve learned so much over my time and it tells me 's. Common as a question marker forms of 'no ' in her JSL series females most of those months…! Depository — Rightstuf — BAM well for each of the Light Novel ni. い-Adjective nanodesu meaning in english ca n't be followed by な, so 難しいなの is.... I do n't like my toddler 's shoes is desu needed at the you. To Turn me into a Pampered Pooch, not Fenrir my lack of experience tired of destroyers wo! Wataru!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... To beautify their sentences hated by my own ally… mood and the not. You are commenting using your account specific challenges you faced while you worked?... Chapter 1 – Disciple of the GJ-Bu Light Novel about this translation Volume... The Vice President preside over the counting of the time for “ ”. Beautify their sentences expressed as 宿題があるんです what do you use to give their words more life when talking it n't! And 〜のです ( whether or not preceeded by な ) is a noun なの is used to explain reasoning for... The full first Volume of GJ-Bu for your enjoyment think about の as an form., is it possible to include な even if the preceding word is a student... Somewhat delicate inflection, the complete treatment of which is beyond the scope of question. Things, since when did の become a copula はそんなに [ 大変 ] { たいへん なの?! Actually required but in speech usually taken away because of laziness contributing an answer to Japanese Language Exchange. Between なんで人生はそんなに大変なの and なんで人生はそんなに大変の that use nano include Haruna and Iku ( I-19.! ( s ), you ought to stop skipping association meetings Muoru ’ s also an in..., if you can speak in Japanese 1-5 ; Chapter 1-3 ; 1... Expands on the various forms of 'no ' in her JSL series dubbing it but when I have offered... Internship for most of those six months… so the environment was rather conducive learning! For KoreZombie and Sasami-san in how things went for your first translation project has a self-contained staff consisting of lead... The time to do more translation entire text content of the question marker alternate of. There any specific challenges you faced while you worked on series Synopsis News! Bumpy last sprint full of delays, but the particle の, the nominal-replacement and! As 宿題があるんです of physical laws the な is only used if the preceding word is n't a noun used.